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Certification and Authentication

Is there any way to test the authentication and certification of your diamond purchase? What if the dispatched diamond order does not match to the description you saw before placing your order? How can one be sure of the organic nature of the diamond making it 100% natural product? Are there any necessary tips to follow before purchasing this expensive jewel?

The answer to all the aforementioned questions lies in the fact that every diamond is unique and differs from one another on the basis of its 4C’s grading

i.e. cut, color, clarity and carat-weight. Moreover, each diamond is made up several facets that are joined together in a unique symmetry that contributes to the brilliance of each gemstone. These factors help a moderately knowledgeable gemologist to prepare a grading report in order to judge the certification as well as authentication of your purchased diamonds.

A natural diamond is backed by a diamond certificate, which is a complete evaluation of the gemstone performed by professionally trained gemologists of renowned gemological institutes. They not only utilize their training sessions and knowledge to prepare the grading report of diamonds but also bring the gemological instruments in use. Each certificate is unique as it contains different characteristics of different diamonds.

Diamond Authentication

Purchasing a quality oriented diamond at a reasonably lower cost is a daunting task. However, a certification can aid your purchase, by ensuring you about the quality packed jewel. Now the question arises is the certification issued by a reliable source? Yes, every diamond jewel is backed by the certification processed by a recognized gemological institute. Few instances of such accredited gemological laboratories are:

• GIA i.e. Gemological Institute of America
• IGI i.e. International Gemological Institute
• HRD i.e. Hoge Raad Voor Diamart

Each certificate authenticates the following attributes of a diamond:

• Cut Grades
• Clarity Grades
• Color Grades
• Grades for the Carat Weight

Cut grades vary with different cuts that increase and enhance the overall diamond brilliance. One of such cuts is the round brilliant cut, which increases the diamond’s ability to reflect light and add to its glow. The grading takes place upon international standards set by the Gemological Institute of America. Hence, owing to its international nature, such diamonds are sold like hot cakes in the diamond industry as compared to diamonds backed with only appraisals.

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