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Q. How much an approximate diamond purchase will cost?

The worth of beautiful diamonds is priceless. However, purchasing diamonds is a real time expensive investment. It totally depends upon your budget and the kind of diamond accessory you are looking forward to gift a loved one. An approximate diamond purchase can be equal to 2 month’s income of a moderately earning worker. However, this cost may vary from person to person depending upon its level of earnings.

Q. What is the factor that adds to the beauty of a diamond?

Diamond brilliance is all that counts when talking about the beauty of diamonds. It is a combination of symmetrical cutting, shaping and high quality polishing of every diamond facet that combines together to contribute to the bright white reflection of these precious stones. The bright shine reflected from diamonds makes your eyes wide open, and results in impulsive admiration of its beauty.

Q. How legitimate is a diamond purchase over the internet?

Diamond purchase is 100% legitimate if you place your order at DiaMart(HK) LTD.online.com. This diamond selling website ensures safe delivery of your precious order without leaking your personal data to remote areas of the internet. Hence, this makes your e-shopping a pleasant experience.

Q. When is the procedure to check the current status of your order?

All the details of the current status of your certified as well as non-certified diamonds order can be retrieved under the tab of ‘Order Summary'on the top of the page. Make sure you are already logged in to your member account.

Q. How are diamonds priced and graded under the 4C’s concept?

4C’s is a universal grading system of diamonds that refer to 4 glossary terms i.e. cut, color, and clarity and carat weight. Cut refers to the diamond brilliance. Color is the presence/absence of color contents in a diamond (the more opaque a diamond, the lesser will be its monetary value, and vice versa). The greater number of blemishes on a diamond surface means a greater clarity. Lastly, as evident by its name carat weight is the actual weight of the diamond.

Q. How to clean a diamond and keep its brilliance intact?

Diamond is an extremely durable gemstone, but it doesn’t mean that you do all the rough household work wearing those magnificent diamond jewelry sets. To keep the brilliance of the diamond intact it is important to avoid wearing it during household chores especially when you plan to clean your house with chlorine bleach. Cleaning diamonds is a sensitive task; hence only use lukewarm water with any mild liquid cleaner to dip in the gemstones. You can rub the diamond with a brush having soft bristles to avoid bruises on the diamond surface. Also make sure to use a lint-free cloth to dry the diamonds.

Q. Does DiaMart(HK) LTD.online.com share an individual’s personal database with any third party?

At DiaMart(HK) LTD.online.com the privacy of a user’s personal information is a top notch priority. However, the only information used is the one required to dispatch the order to our shipping courier service i.e. your name, contact, shipping address and product number.

Q. Does the original quality of diamonds match with the one claimed in the product description?

Our product descriptions include the grading report of every diamond accessory. You can always have a quality-check by comparing that report to the one you ordered.

Q. Does your website publish live updates on the availability of displayed stock of diamonds?

The inventory management system of our website undertakes the responsibility of live updating on every published stock of diamonds. This paves the way for 24/7 availability of those diamonds that are put on sale display for our online buyers.

Q. How cost effective is your decision to purchase diamonds at our website?

DiaMart(HK) LTD.online.com manufactures its diamonds using the stones supply from the diamonds factory outlet, which leaves no room for a third party hidden profit. Thus, we charge our customers for the diamond, not for their innocence! In order to make sure that you are getting a fair price against a quality enriched product, we encourage you to do your own research by checking the market price of other online diamond suppliers.

Q. What if I have doubts on the originality of the gemstone?

However DiaMart(HK) LTD. is an online diamond Selling company, yet we have a number of certified in house gemologists to make sure that every facet of diamond sold is original and worth the price we offer. Moreover, your doubts can be eliminated by lending authentic certificates directly by the factory outlet of diamond suppliers to count on us for originality of the product.

Q. What if my diamond order is not exactly what I deemed for?

Once your ordered diamond accessory is dispatched at your given address, you own the product under no obligation. However, if you feel that the product did not turned out to be exactly what you thought, you still have the right reserved to return the product and place a different order.

Q. Do the diamonds have an engraved logo of the selling brand?

No, your diamonds will be free from any company’s logo engraving or inscription of a brand name.

Q. Are your diamonds 100% organic gemstones, free from laboratory experimentation?

Yes, DiaMart(HK) LTD.online.com is a renowned diamond supplier chain with genuine and organic products. We strongly discourage the sale of inorganic/laboratory made diamonds.

Q. Can I make last moment variations to my diamond order with respect to color, size and clarity?

Your order will not be dispatched till you are 100% satisfied with your order placement. Any last moment changes can be forwarded at sales@DiaMart(HK) LTD.diam.com by entering your order ID in the subject line.

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