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Shopper Care

Why Purchase Online?
There are many places to purchase a diamond these days. One great option available to shoppers of diamonds is to purchase online. It may all seem complicated but you will be surprised to learn the number of people buying diamonds online has increased dramatically. There are 10 reasons to buy diamonds online and these are listed below.

  • Save Money
    The first and most important reason to buy your diamond online is to save money. An online seller does not have to pay such high overheads as bricks and mortar jewelry stores, and the prices that consumers see may be much less expensive.

    • Save Time
    You can purchase your desired diamond just by using your fingertips, with noneed to leave index.

    • Convenient
    Buying diamonds online is also convenient. You can search the various options without ever leaving index and have it shipped right to your door.

    • Wide Selection
    By purchasing a diamond online you will also have access to a wide selection. Using the Internet to buy any item allows you to search stone after stone, until you find the perfect one.

    • Availability
    When searching items online, most online retailers will designate whether or not the item is currently in stock. This provides the consumer with relevant information such as when they will receive it and whether they should look elsewhere should the ordering process take too long.

    • Selection
    For those shoppers who like to buy items from large dealers, you too are able to use the Internet to purchase a diamond. Many larger diamond and jewelry dealers have websites these days and sell their rings online.

    • Shop Easily and in Privacy
    Shopping for a diamond via the Internet also allows one to shop easily and in privacy. It is a useful way to shop from index and to make sure you keep it a surprise from your loved one.

    • Find Exactly What You Are Looking For Online
    By shopping for a diamond, you may also find it easier to locate exactly the type of diamond you are searching for. Many online sellers offer search engines where you can specify the material, carat size and other designations which will narrow down the options for you.

    • Read Detailed Diamond Specifications
    Most online selling sites will also have good descriptions of their products, which let you know exactly what each diamond consists of, such as diamond grading reports viewable online.

    • Review Various Options Quickly
    Also, shopping online for a diamond allows you to review various options more quickly. This is convenient and greatly appreciated by many shoppers.

How To Buy a Diamond
Diamonds have been around forever. It is the most expensive natural resource produced by mother earth and polished by man. Diamond is a synonym of elegance, magnificence, prosperity, shine, purity, intricate workmanship and eternal love.
To make this precious and memorable purchase, our guide explains how to get optimum value of your purchase. The guide explains how to check the four ‘C’s- Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat weight. We urge buyers to be cautious while making such a precious purchase and understand the details of the diamond to get the best value.

What is diamonds clarity and how does it influence the beauty of the diamond?
Most diamonds contain some inner flaws, or inclusions, that occur during the formation process. The visibility, number and size of these inclusions determine what is called the clarity of a diamond. Diamonds that are free of inclusions, create more brilliance and are therefore more highly prized, and priced. A diamond's clarity refers to the presence of inclusions on and within the diamond crystal, including scratches, blemishes, trapped air bubbles, or trapped non-diamond mineral material resulting from the harsh stress that the crystal undergoes through its formation and production stages. Diamonds with few or no inclusions are extremely rare and are therefore much more expensive. Diamonds are graded for clarity under 10x loupe magnification. Grades range from “IF”, internally flawless - diamonds which are completely free of blemishes and inclusions even under 10 x magnifications, to “I3”, diamonds which possess large, heavy blemishes and inclusions that are visible to the naked eye.

What is the difference between a “certified” & a “non-certified” diamonds?
Practically there is no difference between a diamond that is certified and one not certified. A certificate does not add to the quality or the finishing of the diamond it just adds to the authenticity of the characteristics claimed by the manufacturer.
The consumer buying a diamond or any product relies a lot on certification of authenticity. A certified diamond carries a legal assurance of the nature and quality of the diamond. These certificates can include Diamond quality, serial number on the girdle, authenticity that it is natural, color, clarity, weight. The diamonds are certified by labs like GIA, HRD, IGI.
An uncertified diamond does not have an authenticated grading report; it all depends on the word of the seller or manufacturer. An uncertified diamond need not be a bad diamond; it can be equally beautiful and attractive as a certified diamond.

Something Special For Someone Special?
Diamonds signify love, luxury and aesthetic sense. A diamond expresses clearly the feelings of the person offering it. This precious stone is a symbol of love and devotion..A diamond is not only an excellent investment but also a true representation of your feelings.

Are You Looking For a Perfect Diamond?
For centuries, people have been in awe of diamonds. It is not an easy task to select a diamond and a little insight into the quality of diamond is recommended. When you evaluate a diamond, check for the four ‘C’s – Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat weight. The cut of a diamond ascertains its brilliance and brightness. It is the most important and most challenging of the four ‘C’s. Different colors are available in diamond: yellow, slight tints of yellow, gray, intense yellow, blue, green, pink and red. Colorless diamonds are the most desirable since they allow the most refraction of light (sparkle). Generally, the color of a diamond refers to the presence of yellow or brown tints in a white diamond. A diamond's clarity refers to the presence of inclusions on and within the diamond crystal, including scratches, blemishes, trapped air bubbles, or trapped non-diamond mineral material resulting from the harsh stress that the crystal undergoes through its formation and production stages. Diamonds with few or no inclusions are extremely rare and are therefore much more expensive. A carat is the unit of weight by which a diamond is measured. The larger the diamond the higher the carat weight and hence the price.

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