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Way Us

DiaMart(HK) LTD. breadth of product offering and its focus on quality has made it one of the most preferred diamond suppliers to the biggest and most well known brands and/or companies of diamonds. Quality control for large volumes is achieved through understanding and aligning experienced and trained staff with established quality standards.

The technology, expertise, resource allocation and multi tier quality control of our company, ensure manufacturing of world class quality of diamonds for its customers located globally.

Why buy online from DiaMart(HK) LTD. diamonds?

There are many places to buy a diamond now a day. One great option also available to shoppers of diamonds is to buy online. It may all seem complicated but you will be surprised to learn the number of people buying diamonds online has increased dramatically. There are following reasons to buy diamonds online and these are listed below.

Unique Diamond Collection

We provide unique diamond collection to customers worldwide that meets internationally accepted quality standards. Our professionals go through each and every diamond carefully and grade them precisely and accurately based on a strict GIA Grading System.

Wide Range of Selection

Our online site contains a large inventory of diamonds that facilitates selection of diamond of your choice. After identifying the diamond of your choice, you can enquire about its [their] features and availability. With wide range of Inventory online, we offer our gorgeous selection of certified diamond ranging from 0.18 cts to 3.00 cts and above with clarity from FL to I3 and color from D to M in Round Brilliant Cut & all fancy shapes along with fancy colors.

Great Value for Money

For our customers, we have introduced ''Fair and Fixed Price Policy'' approach. This approach has made our prices competitive in the market eliminating any negotiations thereby saving time for the customers. We have thus been able to provide better customer satisfaction resulting into good relationships and thereby earning their trust and loyalty.

Saves Time

Our Online Inventory link offers you the convenience of online selection and buying of diamonds without the usual hassles.

Instant / Measureable Results.

Our Online website www.DiaMart(HK) LTD.online.com provides all information required for any particular or specific search for certified diamonds. We have very simple search model through which you can easily get what you are looking for. You can even email us your enquiries so that we can assist you instantly.

Global Reach

You can be at any corner of the world but wherever you are, we are just a click away to serve you. What you have to do is just register in to our website www.DiaMart(HK) LTD.online.com and get your log in ID and Password.

24*7 Availability

Our inventory is visible 24*7 to our customers worldwide and thus you have a great opportunity to go through our website at any point of time to get all the information required.

Transparent Business Model

We, as a company, believe in transparent business model in order to serve the customers interest. We always make continuous efforts to better our products as well as our operations, manufacturing, grading and selling systems. Our entire Inventory Link available online is conflict-free.


We believe that we are satisfied only if our customers are satisfied. Our experts are available to attend to all your queries online as well as over the phone.

Single Diamond Packaging

We pack every single diamond in single Packet separately for our clients. Complete details of the diamond are printed on the packet containing the diamond to facilitate easier and quicker identification.


We have thousands of diamonds available online to our customers. Our own experts are using GIA Grading System to grade, while our certified diamonds are certified by worldwide recognized gemological institutions like Gemological Institute of America[GIA], International Gemological Institute[IGI], HogeRaadvoorDiamant[HRD]

Free Shipping

We offer Free Shipment to HongKong to our customers. Parcels by DiaMart(HK) LTD. are shipped via MalcaAmit.

Just-In-Time Delivery

We offer our customers with Just-in-time delivery that means your selected goods will be shipped and delivered within 3-4 business days, on confirmation for receipt of payment.

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